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Nov 6, 2006
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I just heard thru the "grapevine" that this year there is around 5,000 bottles entered. Now, would you really want ot be a judge?
Not me..hic hic ... LOL!
I think for the first time I would actually have to use the spit bucket.
wine comp.

can you imagine the how many good wines get passed over do to worn out taste many judges do you think they use?they wanted 3 judges to judge 30 bottles at our meeting,tepe,,how many at a contest like that?
That is my point. Do you think it get TO BIG ?
I'm betting that there will be more "kit" winners because of that, We both know grape, fruit and juice taste different than kits. I'm saying taste bud overload.
Does anyone know how many judges will be there AND how many wines do they "taste"? I'm guessing the judges are responsible for each catagory?
Yes, it is getting too big. I was going to enter but passed for the exact reason. It is hard to get an honest evaluation as stated. The palettes will be really stressed depending on where you sit in the flight order. I entered 4 wines last year. Two were fabulous wines, two so so. Both the so so wines placed. The excellent wines didn't. The judging was terrible to. I had no comments on why the wine didn't place or flaws. I just had scores. It was a total waste of an entry fee. They really need to split it into regional competitions with the winners going on to a national comp, Thats how the American Homebrew Association does their National Comp now.

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