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Feb 27, 2010
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I made a batch or red and a batch of white as a wedding gift for my friend(s). I labeled with a cool picture of them in the usual "wedding wine" manner.

I found out today that because of his military deployment obligation they have moved the wedding up as well as out of state.

Question: How do I ship the wine to them? I am a hobby wine maker and do not have a license.. HELP.HELP.HELP ! ! ! !
I have sent wine out a few times via UPS. Pack it very well and seal all in garbage bags in case of leak. They usually ask what you are shipping and I usually tell them marinades.
I take mine to Staples (UPS). When asked whats in it say JUICE
Yep, Staples is where I bring mine also, for some reason they are way cheaper then the UPS stores. One out of about 50 shipments broke and that had three bottles in it that were clearly labeled as wine. They took out the broken bottle, cleaned up the rest and finished shipping it with no problem.

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