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Dec 24, 2009
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Not sure where the proper place to post this is, so here goes.

We've been making Wine Expert kits for about 8 months now and would like to try other kit manufactures

We Noticed that there are multiple wine kit makers but our LHB only carries WE.

Has anyone compiled a list of the different manufacturers and where they can be purchased online

Or, if you're familiar with Central Texas can anyone recommend where to go and purchase

Thanks in advance

Yep, I second contacting George will take goo care of you.
I 3rd and he carries 3 other manufactures that I believe are all better then W.E. Check it out, George the owner will take great care of you and backs all his products 100%!
I 4th it and I can personally tell you that you will not get the level of service that you get from george anywhere else on line or in person!

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