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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Check out this link. Gary Vaynerchuk rates many wines and I have gone out and sought some of these wines and so far all have been very good. Ive been watching this guy for about a year on and off and always keeps me entertained, not just a wine snob tasting wussy!
I also subscribe to his ITUNES Pod cast. He has a very big wine store in Northern New Jersey. Hence is a JETS fan. Some wines however you can't get around here.
There have been a few that I couldnt get but really dont try that hrd either nor do i really buy commercial anymore. I started watching him when i wanted to find a decent wine in a certain varietal to try before i made some.
that was a very informative link for a novice like me,i am scouting this forum to learn more and more about wines and wine making.I must say i am learning every day.
Unfortunately I never heard of wine library TV. So thank you very much for posting this interesting link. I think I will prospectively watch all the videos on this site. If someone has some similar link to sites I really would appreciate if you would post them here. Of course if I find some interesting stuff on my search I will definitely post it here.
Thanks Wade E for that links I will take a look at that, it will help me for sure :d

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