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Apr 20, 2009
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Hi there, just done a 7 day wine kit. It's been on for 3 weeks with a heated tray and covers but it's not fermenting that I can see. So far the hydrometer says 0% alcohol.

I've followed all the instructions on the kit but nothing seems to happen?!

Cheers in advance
A noob
Confusing ... A 7 DAY KIT?? Whats that?

What was the starting gravity? If the hrdrometer sayd 1.00 or less it fermented. What concerns me is this heated tray you have the wine on. What is the temp of the wine?
It could be one of those Adventist kits. A 7 day kit, 3 weeks, and now you are wondering. Me too!
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if the hydrometer says 0% it means 0% sugar what did it read before you added the yeast?

you take your start reading in %and subtract your end reading and you have your actual alcohol content.

lets just say you started with a 13% sugar content and ended with a 4% sugar content. subtract the 4 from the 13 and it gives you a 9% alcohol content.

first, welcome to our forum and a GREAT hobby

second, whenever asking q's about a kit, please tell us exactly what brand & variety - yes it makes a difference to many answers

finally, keystonebantams is correct. the hydrometer measures POTENTIAL ALCOHOL. not actual alcohol. at 0%, there is NO potential alcohol, all the sugars have been converted to actual alcohol. [BTW, this is a common mis-understanding for newbies.]

Congrats!! sounds like fermentation is complete.

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