Wine from Chai Tea?

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Apr 22, 2009
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It's time to try another batch... I'd like to try St Allie's recipe for fruit teabag wine. My thought was to use Indian Chai spiced teabags. Has anyone experimented with this?

My big question is if I should use white grape juice or red grape juice. Also, I prefer full bodied wines, can I add in some bananas for body? Or will this affect the flavor too much?

I have no experience with this particular wine, however adding bananas is never a bad idea.

Banana's add body and yeast really loves bananas so it helps fermenting really well.

Banana's will at first make the must smell wonderfull of the bananas. That will fade away in a few days to weeks. Bananas leave not a lot flavor in the end. It will blend in nicely.

Okay, I know this is an old post - but I am currently doing this, and I used red wine concentrate. The color looks really nice and it tastes great (I am an oversampler). It's pretty neat. We didn't have any black tea at the house, so we used Chai instead!

I ended up making my batch with bananas so it's more of a white wine... it still hasn't cleared, I'm being patient and letting it do it's thing. It smells great but I haven't sampled it yet.
It's certainly the wine that raises the most eyebrows!