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I did that kit about 3 years ago and still have some left. It is just a touch thin, but an excellent wine at a reasonable price. I think it is one of the best WE has ever made. It has a fair amount of oak, but the fruit still comes through well. Two thumbs up on this one.
What do you guys think about making these kits maybe 1/2 gallon short of 6 gallons to improve the body?

I just ordered the Shiraz/Grenach/Mourverde kit. I have high hopes.
I think I would just top it off with some wine instead of water then
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I am curious as to what you thought of this.

i made this kit. It was darker than Rose but lighter than Beaujolais. Very pink. The body was light, but alcohol was average. also very acidic, with a bit of a grapefruit tang. Best to think of it as a Rose, I suppose. In fact i mixed 12 oz of this with 48 ounces of my Sauvignon Blanc, and I thought it was a decent rose.
Baba welcome to the forum. How long did you let this age. You said it was a bit thin along with a few other folks. I add glycerine to wine kits that are lacking in body.
I have made this wine several times, in fact, it replaced a Cabernet Merlot in my rotation. It has been good young and aged well, but does not seem to improve after one year. I wouldn't ever make a kit to less than the expected volume.
Hi Running Wolf,

Thanks for the suggestion. As it is now a couple of years, it is still light, still has a bit of carbonation, and a light body, though you can taste oak & tannins. I doubt if I'll do that one again.
I’m going to resurrect this thread.

I did this kit and the wine is sitting in bulk right now.

Ferment was trouble free and smelled wonderful. I used some French Merlot to top up.

Interestingly, the wine is very dark.

I didn’t use clarifiers. So, it might still be cloudy. But, I put a flashlight on the backside of the carboy to see if any light shows through. I get no light whatsoever. Is this common with this kit?
Got a taste and a look at my SE. Nice and clear, and tasting green... very young. I’m going to rack it off the fine lees, then leave it alone for three months. Depending on taste, I might add some tannin and age some more. Time will tell.

I’ve been contemplating fall grapes. Would not be too disappointed doing the field blend as suggested.
Made a little mistake this week. I racked and dosed this wine for a second time in a month. I’m sure it’s fine, but I don’t have a tester to see what my so2 levels are... was thinking I’d leave it for 4 months, rack and dose, then bottle.

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