Wine cheaper than water?

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It's amazing what some people will pay for water. I work for a beer distributor, we also have some high-end waters. Both Icelandic Glacial and Mountain Valley Spring Water go for about $20 for a 24 pack of .5 ltr pet. It sells, even in an area where sanitized and filtered Lake Michigan (fresh) water is the primary source. I just don't get it...I heart my tap water.

...or maybe I'm just cheap...

Nice article thanks Tom Sir for sharing with us, it's really good to see that wine is so cheap now :b, hope it goes more down than this :D hahahahaha joking
Bottled water

The bottled water here is very high acid, which I discovered when my wine (mango) was so high. I tested the water and BAM there was the problem. Turns out, it's the acid they use to recycle the large 5 gallon bottles. Of course I am in a 3rd world country. I treasure the filtered rainwater - not a problem ever since!
mango wine

It is great - my first batch was small (1 gallon) but fab and when I tried to duplicate it the only variable was the water (we had moved from a house with a cistern to a well, thus I had to use the bottled water). My other attempts were a disaster. Mango season is only May - Oct and it was dry so we are just now seeing out first good mangos and we have a cistern again. I have 3 batches (at least partial mango - mixing with bananas and pineapple) going and more to follow. Will let you know the outcome :)

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