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Not bad. I've been getting used bottles from the wine bar down the road. Clean them up and sanitize and they are good as new.
Where are you getting them for that price?
xanxer 82

Getting them from cal. 8.50 plus shiping orderd 15 cases
Thats surely a good dela and would probably even be cheaper in more quantity.

uknow i dident think about that when i made the order
you could be right. DANG.
I can get a case of 12 at my local liquor store for under $6. I stocked up with 8 cases a while back, now I just need to fill them up
b mac

not a bad price

8.50 was the best price i found so far
these were burgundy dead leaf. 750
yeah not a bad deal at all, seeing how the cheapest around here besides that is $12. Only thing that sucks is they only stock green Bordeaux. Would be great to get some clear ones and some green & clear Burgundy bottles.

hear that
they have a few other types of bottles all about same price
i picked the burgundy . i am making a white burgundy wine along with elderberry, and pear. this year

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