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Mar 6, 2010
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I'm finishing a Charadonnay kit. I'm degassing now. The next step is to transfer the wine to a new, clean carboy, add Kiesesol and clarifier then leave it five to 10 more days.

Why do I have to transfer the wine to another carboy? It's already in a clean carboy so why not just clarify it in the carboy it's in now? Is that transfer necessary? It seems unnecessary but will go with the advice I get here.
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I dont see the need either unless your not relaying the instructions properly to me. It would help to know which kit this is as I will usually look at that site to see the instructions for myself to see if possibly you are not reading them right.
No, I'm relaying the instructions precisely right. All it says is transfer the wine to another carboy just for the purpose of clarifying it, nothing more. Unless I get a strong indication otherwise I think I'll just clarify it in the carboy it's already it.

Any contrary advice?

It's a Harvest Selection four-week Chardonay kit.
Never done a kit myself however when I add my clearing agent I transfer off of the gross lees to a clean carboy to the shoulders. Add the majority of my clairifier and stir really well. Filling to the shoulders allows me to do that.

Then add the rest of my wine and the last ounce of clairfier, stir gently and airlock.

Transfering will also allow you to degass naturally. One other possibility is that reds will enhance from a transfer, whites not. Just food, or wine, for thought.
If you currently have a bunch of sediment in the bottom - then i would transfer it. If the carboy is clean - no sediment - then clarify it then transfer.
You're moving your wine off the Gross Lees. The much at the bottom of the carboy. You'll get rid of the bulk of your sediment that way.
Once you get it off the gross lees, degas and add your clarifiers and wait a few weeks. You'll see more sediment drop. These are the fine lees. The longer you wait, the more compact they become and the easier to rack your clear wine off of them.
Good luck!

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