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Nov 6, 2006
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For ME !!

I love that 1! I started all because my wife and I went to a wine tasting at a local winery and tasted a Black Currant wine that they made and it was very good. She then started to buy 3 of these 375's a week at $14.50 a pop. I had to put a stop to that. HMMM, I think now it might still be cheaper to just buy hose 3 bottles! :):):)
Well. like Wade, I thought it would be a cheap source of drink. YEAH RIGHT!

I don't particularly like wine, I prefer beer. However, I really am not that interested in brewing my own beer.(this is the Polish confusion in my blood!LOL)

Cooking is a passion for me, and to make my own wine brings me the same satisfaction as presenting a nice meal or dish of food.

Now that I am hooked, my question is, "How do I stop?"

It's all of your fault for encouraging me! I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY!!, I am.

Wade, you could of always stayed single, or met a nice Mormon girl. LOL

Sorry Mrs Wade. (I'm heading for trouble now, I just feel it)
A friend i work with asked if we would be interested in sharing the cost of starting the first kit that way if we didn't like it not to much money wasted . Well that never happened because they had to move and the extra cost involved in that .In the mean time our store was celebrating 15 yrs in business with 1/2 price or free starter depending on the wine you bought ,hubby said we should go check it out , as they say the rest is history .Our only problem is finding the room for everything . We told our 19 yrs old time he moved out so we could take over his bedroom :D he suddenly stopped asking when I was going to find room for things .
NS, wait till he finds out you used his inheritance for a new wine cellar!LOL
Tell him U R SPENDING his inheritance and DRINKING it ! :dg :dg
Have you ever tried homebrew Troy, making beer can be pretty easy and reaching in the fridge and grabbing the tap and pouring your own fresh beer is way better then popping open a Bud!!!!!! I just bought the Tap-A-Draft system for a friend for Christmas cause he loves to brew beer but hates the bottling part(dont we all)! Troy, this is what you need
I do want to look into brewing my own beer. I told you a few weeks back about a pretty nice beer my neighbor made. I would definitely go for a keg system. I can drink them quicker than I can wash the bottles.

I don't really like heavy beers, but now that I am hooked on making wine, I think it is inevitable beer is next.

Just not sure what to say when the property owner shows up and I have a copper tubing contraption out back. Guess I could either blame it on all of you, or try to explain to him it is just the "inevitable"
I started because I always wanted to supply my own wine with my art on it for an exhibition. It hasnt happened yet but then Ive only been donig this since the begining of the year.
Im doing a talk on art stuff in the new year whenre I am meant to supply the wine so guess what Ill be supplying hehe!
A long and convoluted story.....

In 1998 we visited some friends in BC Wine Country at Canadian Thanksgiving. We enjoyed the wines from Quails Gate Winery, but couldn't get them back home in Saskatchewan. A year later we were going on another visit. As part of my preparation, I checked Quails Gate's web-site. The Riesling that we had really enjoyed was limited to six per customer. So I called up and ordered six for pickup while we were there. As I stood in line in the store (it was the first weekend of the Wine Festival), I heard somebody ask if they had any Riesling. "No, we've been sold out for about 10 days." When the sales person moved slightly, I saw a box with my name on. SMILES. Yes, I got the last 6 bottles in their store.

Back at home, I pulled up in front of a new pizza joint. There was a wine making supply shop next door. Within a couple of months we had a Riesling on the go. If we can't buy our favourite Riesling, maybe we can make it. And then a Strawberry White Zin, and a Gewurztraminer, and ..... That was about 11 years ago. The rest is history, as they say.

We started making wine because of lots of ripe fruit that nobody wanted. Maybe I should have made a great bid dehydrator. We have about 60 gallons under our colective belts. The wife has tasted maybe 4ozs and I have drank maybe a gallon. Most of that was just in tasteing through the processes. I have also taken up baking Maderias which I like better that the original wines.
I find it a fascinating hobby. Like taking chemistry classes all over again.I really like looking at this site at least once a day for all of the interesting goings on. We have friends that also make wines that got me started on it. I like the bull sessions over a small glass of one of our wines. We also really enjoy giving it away. The day before Christmas last year, we loaded up the truck, went to town and gave away most of what we had bottled up at the time. There's 20 gallons on the shelf and 5 in the Estufa that most of it will be ready for gifts this year. The money we spend is now minimal so we will just fermenting. Our first batches are just now comming on their first birthday and I squrilled away a magnum of each. I will have to get someone out here to see if "Time in a bottle" helped.
I go to the MD Wine Festival every year and saw a demonstration of winemaking. I've always wanted to make it but didn't know how simple of a process it could be (for the most part)
Then I found a good deal on a starter kit and the rest is history.
This is a funny thread. I was at my daughters first communion and a wine maker came in for a demo and talk about the history of wine. I was hooked and went out the next weekend to get my first kit and that was that.
I needed a hobby. Originally wanted to brew beer as I didn't like wine at all when I started. BTW I love it now. The wife didn't want me brewing beer because her grandmother did and she remembered bottles blowing up at random in the closet so wine it was. Anyone sho knows me knows I don't do anything on a small scale so before you knew it I had over 1000 bottles aging in the rack and then I moved to brewing beer.
I got started when an old timer that I hunt with got tired of messing with it. We drank his for the past 6 years and he has now handed the reins over to me, along with all his equipment. Now I am the supplier for the hunting camp and numerous "new" friends and family....Funny how that works ain't it?

Several hundred dollars later, in addition to what was given to me, I am starting to realize that I may have an addiction, I mean new hobby!
I started doing research for my husband... lol after 2 months of reading bacame VERY intrested made it all sound complicated to him :) and he suggested I do it...jumped all over that :) this has to be one of the best hobbies I ever took up am hooked and now have 60 gal made ....sigh now I want more room :) Zoogie
I stopped drinking Beer and liked a glass of wine now and then so I thought why not make my own. and now I can't stop help please!!!!:tz
I started after I tasted my nephews blackberry wine that had to be about 15%. It was almost like brandy and we were cooking different types of sausage on the grill and drinking this wine. When he told me how easy it was I was curious, now I am addicted! :dg

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