When to move must over from bucket to Carboy?

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Jan 13, 2009
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So far so good (i think), i added the yeast to my must on 01/16 and have used a space heater and have been able to keep the temp at exactley 75, i just got my brew belt today and am going to try that (would like to stop using the space heater to save on the electric bill) that should keep it at atleast 70. So far I've been stirring it about twice a week since 01/16 (is this alright or needed?), now my question is this: My recipe stated that after 48 hours i should move it to a carboy, my first batch i let it ferment for quite awhile before moving it, and now i'm not sure when i should move it to the glass carboy, any suggestions? It seems to be fermenting, but having nothing to compare it to (don't recall too much about my last batch, had someone helping me with it) i'm not sure how good it really is doing. When i open the lid you can hear a sizziling sound, and in the dead center you see small bubbles rising to the top, but only in the center, about the diameter of a half dollar. Should i wait until it's done fermenting before moving it to the carboy, or move it over now and let it ferment in there. Thanks again, you guys have been great and have really helped teach me alot thus far. I just like to ask questions to make sure i'm on the right path (wife says it's just me not lacking confidence, i call it not wanting to waist time and money on screwing up my wine!)
What is the SG? Two and a half weeks in the primary is too long, I'd transfer to a carboy immediately and attach an air lock.
What kind of wine is it? I ferment all of my whites directly in the carboy right from the start as they are more sensitive to oxygen exposure than reds and so I try to minimize any risk. I ferment reds in the pail until about 1.020 to 1.010 at which point I rack to carboy.
When to move a must from primary to a carboy depends largely on the kind of wine you are making.

When fermenting on the pulp of the fruit you should
transfer it within a few days otherwise too much tannin might
get in the wine and make it harsh.

When fermenting just juice you can transfer whenever the foaming has stopped.

So the answer to your question depends on the kind of wine
you are making.


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