What's Your Favorite Wine Blend?

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Jan 2, 2010
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I'm starting to think about some wine blends from juice for this year and wondered what's your favorite? Bordeaux, Shiraz-Cabernet etc. Always looking for something new and delicious.
I have been making a Chilean Cab/Merlot blend (thats how it comes) which is a 80/20% blend. Comes out real good
My favourite blend is riesling-gewurztraminer. In reds, I really liked the Cru Select Cabernet Merlot and Shiraz Viognier kits that I made. In commercial, there was a Shiraz Merlot that we liked but I can't remember the brand (Australian). Been thinking I would like to try that blend myself.

Has any one tried a Pineapple and Riesling blend? Or any suggestions. I am fermenting both. The last wine club meeting I took a sample of my Pineapple and mixed a very small amt w/ Riesling and boy was that good.
My favorite is the Super Tuscan blends, normally Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot or Cab Franc. My favorite is Sangiovese, Cab, and Nero d'Avola blend
i've had many ones but the only blend that stands out to me is my first batch of blackberry merlot. somehow, that batch ended up perfect and we actually lost a few bottles for a few years. had one @ 4 years (dad's b day) and @ 5 yrs (my birthday), extraordinary smooth with a very complex blackberry>merlot change mid sip.

the biggest wow blend is raspberry chipotle. nothing like a sweet raspberry to pepper to heat rollercoaster in every sip.

i don't really keep track of the commercial wines i buy as none have really gave me enough inspiration to buy another. doesn't hurt to have some many homemade variations to pick from though. we don't really make grape wines, except concord and merlot from juice.