What's my dad's SG?

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Is that a high reading? This is only the 2nd year we've used a hydrometer...
See the green band, that's where most wines should start out. Your current SG will give a lot of alcohol and will take a long time to mellow down to a drinkable wine...unless you are going for that!
it Looks, like 1.001 to me. still pretty strong for a regular wine, and pretty weak for super sugar. It could turn out very high ABV and very dry.
Do your research and find a favorable wine yeast for all of that sugar and potential high alcohol.
Is that a high reading? This is only the 2nd year we've used a hydrometer...

Some might consider it high but 23 Brix is normal. Choose a yeast like Red Star Cote Des Blanc and he should end up with around 14% ABV or for a bit higher alcohol content try Pasteur Red or Premier Curvee which will range between 15 and 16% ABV.
Wow! If is funny how so many people can look at the same picture and see different things. To me, the reading 1.103 and, assuming a fermentation that ends at 0.992, would indicate an ABV of about 14.5%.

Yeah, I saw the same thing you did Rocky. The angle makes it harder to be exact but if 1.103 is right and the sample was close to 70F than the corrected reading would be closer to 1.104.
The temp was closer to 72.

He used EC 1118 - i know, nothing special, but it is why is readily available here... My dad's (80 years) from the old country... when he was a kid they washed everything on the beach (salt water)... he's going for a simple, drinkable and fairly potent wine.. the southern Italians like a lighter colour hence his choice for grenache... He thinks what I do (I guess all of us!) is a bit nuts! Always goes on about how his ancestors made wine for centuries (or millennia!) without TA, SO2, or PH readings... He likes it! And quite frankly his wine aint' bad! He didn't even add yeast before relying on the wild stuff
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There ya go.. I would say that the main things are met. it's what he likes, and it how he likes it. it works.
Cant believe it but his SG is already at 1.000 - tomorrow he'll be in the 900s - he's going to press tomorrow

He added the yeast friday night... so didn't start fermenting til late sat or sunday...

that EC1118 is powerful!

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