What to do with extra when moving from primary to secondary?

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Apr 17, 2010
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I just moved from the primary to the secondary for my dandelion wine and I have about 2 inches in a second gallon. I know you're supposed to save some to top up the secondary if necessary... how do I do that? In the fridge? In a secondary with an airlock? (I only have 1gallon carboys).


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I always keep a few wine bottles to keep extra in. It's always good for topping up the next time you rack. I have some regular 750ml bottles, and even some 375ml.

There is a small stopper that you use for bottles that can take an airlock just like the bigger containers.
You can put it in a wine bottle with a # 2 or 3 bung and airlock or even a beer bottle depending on how much you have ( clear glass is best so you can see). If you don't have a small drilled bung you can cover the bottle with thin plastic and put a pin hole in it. Is the wine still fermenting?
Put the excess in as small a bottle that will hold it (wine bottle or whatever you have). Put a bung and air lock on it and treat it the same way as the rest of your wine. If you don't have a bung that fits, drill an air lock hole in a cork or other stopper that will fit the bottle. Use anything that will seal and allow an airlock. Make sure you clean and sanitize the bottle, bung, and air lock.

You WILL need it for topping off later.
Its still fermenting. I can probably head to my local brewing supply store tomorrow... will it be ok as is for 24 hours, or should I put it in a wine bottle with the plastic wrap now?
Like said above, in a wine bottle with a #2 or #3 bung and airlock because youll need this later for topping off after you rack that gallon off the sediment that will settle out.
Would a vacu-vin wine sealer work as an airlock?

they only are supposed to let air out and I have a few on hand.... otherwise I'll try to drill a cork. thanks!
FishNIX - just saw your picture and noticed your jugs are sitting on the concrete floor - I would suggest you put them on a piece of rigid insulation, or carpet or anything to cushion them and also insulate them from a cold floor. I've cracked a few sitting them what I thought was gently on concrete so now I don't take a chance.
The plastic will be okay as long as it is still fermenting - but get some small bungs cause you'll need them often. Even after I siphon everything out I will usually put the sediment in a bottle under airlock and after it settles get some more wine out of that for topping up.
I just ordered a few small bungs and a couple other things I needed.... I dug a white wine bottle out of the recycling and I'm sanitizing it. Thanks!
I would not use that as an airlock as it wont let the sediment fall out of suspension, it will actually bring it all to the top instead.

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