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Sep 8, 2009
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After having trouble getting accurate readings with pH paper I'm interested in getting a pH meter. Anybody have a recommendation for less than $100?
I got mine on EBAY, Dont get the ones for a pool. BTW make sure you can calibrate it
The homebrew places have them from Hannah and Milwaukee, and something called Checker. Some show temp, etc. It's a little confusing. I don't want to just throw money at it, nor do i want to buy something cheap that won't be easy to use, durable, etc.

This is all because the pH strip color didn't match the chart in any way. What does brown mean on a blue color chart? The red must was making it hard to read, I guess, but either way, it told me nothing.
Not good.
I like a meter that you can calibrate with a 4.00 and a 7.00 solution like this.

Tom - "<GGG>" means '3 big grins'. I was joking around. Did you read the description?
Tom - "<GGG>" means '3 big grins'. I was joking around. Did you read the description?

Yes I did BUTT, someone else may think its ok. I didnt understand the <GGG>:slp Thanks for clearing that up. LOL :h
like that .. different mfg (Checker) but can calibrate like this
I got mine on EBAY, Dont get the ones for a pool. BTW make sure you can calibrate it

and make sure you re-calibrate it every ~3-4 months or so. we found out too late that ours was off (07) and we made a few not so tasty batches. better to buy solution for testing than ruin a few batches!
Gotta shop around a little, but it seems that being calibrateable (that must be a word) & having a replaceable probe are the major concerns. Easy enough. Right now the Milwaukee pH51 is in the lead.

Might get a brix refractometer, too, but they all seem the same. Nothing to worry about there.

My hobby budget is only so big (read: little), so I'm going to have to skip 2 batches of wine to buy these items. Seems counterproductive when you think of it that way. Carboys are full anyway.

<wanders off to check supplies for making pork-n-apples sausages>

I just picked up the PHelp 5 by Hanna on ebay for $79 and free shipping. Havn't used it yet but I heard some good reviews on it.

And I hear ya about full carboys but I'm going to have three of them empty within the next month.
Be careful with the refractometer. It is not accurate with a liquid containing alcohol.
Didn't know that, Lurker. Thanks for the tip. I skipped it, but have a Milwaukee pH55 coming in the mail from ebay for $47. Should be just the thing.
I don't want to mislead you on the refractometer. I have one and like it. It's just that the reading you get is distorted by the alcahol in the wine. That's why it is advertized for juices. I use my hydrometer just one time to get the starting SG then the refractometer. It is easily corrected to SG. Just go to "http://valleyvintner.com/Refrac_Hydro/Refract_Hydro.htm"
for the correction. I have copied it to an Excel spreadsheet.

Oh no, more snow. :sn

Thanks Wade and rodo I had my eye on that one from the beginning and guess thats the one I'll end up buying. One other question the solutions it is sold with the 4 packets of each I'm assuming these are a one shot deal, use one pack and then throw it away, correct? Also it doesn't come with a storage solution does this model need one?

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