What is the ' year ' of my wine.

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Oct 6, 2007
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Stupid question from a beginner.

I started the wine making process of my kiwi wine in 2007. I will bottle it in 2008. Would this wine be considered 2007 or 2008 ( or other ?)

Just curious,

If using fresh fruit I use the date the fruit was harvested. If using frozen fruit I use the date of when the wine was made.
Unless I'm really concerned with the fruit quality of a certain year I just put the month and year started since I know how long the process takes.

It's your wine put what you like, you won't be wrong either way.
I think he is curious as to the "technical" rule about this. I am also, does anyone know what (if their is, which I am sure their is) the rule is on this for commercial wines?
The year in which the grape is harvested is what goes on the bottle for commercial wines.
One side note.

If you pick up any "Wine Buyer" that describes the region, winery, types and years of each wine to buy, they are speaking of the grapes grown in that region, and year the grapes are harvested and the weather. Since weather has a lot to do with how much sun/water the vines get, it will have an effect on the taste, etc. of a given wine. Also, keep in mind these books speak about the type of grape. One can also learn which grape variety can withstand some negative elements (too much rain, sun, cold, etc.) and will produce relatively well regardless.

Some years are too wet, or too dry for a region so more or less crop is produced. It is funny how the newer books hold old weather information. Once you know which winery grows what type of grape, you can pretty much keep an eye on the area as the year goes on.

Also, I found that once you buy a good book, there is no reason to get another for at least every other year.

The book I bought was:

Wines of the World
ISBN: 0-7566-0517-2
Instead of saying "Wine Buyer" I should have said, "a book to help you buy wines"
I agree about the dates when dealing with grape wines but the original question was for kiwi which does not invoke the same ponderings as do grapes.
The original post did ask about the date for fruit wines but a subsequent post asked about the date for commerical wines.

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