What do you recommend for yeast for flower wines

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Oct 26, 2008
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I was looking at several recipes for yeasts used for flower wines, roses, lilacs, etc.

There seems to be different takes on this.

I am just aout to start some rose hip flower wine and am wondering what the general thoughts are.

I am n ot too concerned about color extraction, but because these petals, as are probably most flowers, delicate I was thinking it was probably not best to go with a strong yeast like champagne, cuvee, or ec1118.

Any thoughts?
Troy, I like Lalvin 71B 1122 here. I have used it and even in Chardonnay was able to hold the light taste. I also like to keep temp down to 68 when using this yeast. Slowing down fermentation also helps on light subtle flavors. Been told it raises PH as it ferments and with flowery wine that can be good
Honey, I'm with Mike here. Petals can lose their flavour so easily so a long, gentle fermentation is just what is called for. A couple of years in a bottle does wonders too.
Sounds good Mike, the flavor of these petals is suptle indeed. Oters may think of Rose petals. These are only refered to as roses but rent roses at all. They do have a wonderful delicate scent and the petals are prtty fragile as well. I will see if I can find a picture of them to post.

Thanks for the tip. I have them froze and I want to collect a buncj more, so if my LHBS doen't have that Iwill ask her to get me some.

I want to save these for Leanne. If we are going to make wine together, than I want it to be one of my favorites.

How many petals would it take to cover a king size bed?


Yeah, I will just go ahaed and make wine with it,

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