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Oct 26, 2008
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So, this is my current batch. Concerned about the pulp and would appreciate your thoughts. I started with 10 cans of Dole frozen concentrate(see photo).

I dissolved 6 cups granulated sugar. This makes my total volume to a little over 3 gallons, made a little extra to have 3(1 gallon carboys) when I transfer. Brought the SG up to 1.090.

In a few cups of the juice, I dissolved 1/4 tsp of powdered sodium meta, 2 tsp of pectin enzyme, and 1/4 tsp of yeast energizer. And I poured it in.

I shook the carboy vigurously for a minute or so and allowed it to rest on the fridge for 12 hours or so. About 72-75 degrees on the fridge.

Before I pitched the yeast. (premier cuvee, hydrated in water) I took this photo. I was quite surprised there was this much pulp. I have all the confidance in the world this will ferment out and be a nice wine. But I am wondering about all this pulp. I think it's probably not as thick as it appears in this photo. I wasn't able to get a diver to go in and look for sure. Ha!

Will the pectin enzyme help break this down? I realize this batch is only about 18 hours old and know it will settle. Or will it?

So my main question is when and during the primary fermentation, will this pulp come to the top and create a cap that needs to be pushed down? Should I get it out of the carboy right now and allow it to do its primary thing in a bucket?

Want to ask now before it gets to goin'. I already pitched the yeast a couple hours ago, so I still may have a chance to adjust something if necessary.
Thanks, as always

The begining.jpg

Le pulp.jpg
You really should do this in a bucket as it gives the yeast more 02 that way to populate properly. That will all settle out and no problem there. When it does get going and you transfer to carboy at around 1.020 it will look awesome like a lava lamp with all the pulp traveling up from the C02 being released and then falling down again. Im glad to see you have a good sg on this!
Am I gonna screw anything up by "splashing" into a bucket at this point?
Got some water heating up as we speak to sterilize the "wine" bucket, I'll keep you posted. Was concerned about the "splash" because all I did was por the hydrated yeast "solution" on top of the must without stirrring. I was wondering if mixing the yeast like that as it splashes would cause any problems.
The deed has been done. If that didn't incorporate more aire not sure what will, have it covered loosley with the lid. We'll see. Will keep you posted.

I used the last of what I had to sterlize the bucket.
So next time I buy meta I will use the K if thats what you suggest
K and NA are both good, I just dont like using NA in my wine additions so basically just buy that but right now I do have lots of both because last time I went to the store I bought NA by accident so now I have 5 lbs of both.
just checked on the primary and it is going quite strong. Not only is it bubbling like mad, it is almost to a point of a "roll", like when you boil water. Is this aggresive of a fermentation something to be concerned about? The lid is just sitting on the bucket and the temp is around 72-ish. It is just screaming. Should I leave it as is or give it a little more air by "cracking the lid a bit". I don't know much about the different yeasts and how they affect different types of wines, but this is the second time I have used this Premier Cuvee and it is quite the stuff. If I was to have used a different yeast would I expect this type of action? And would the end result be the same? If so, then why not use anything different then this agressive yeast? No joke this Premier Cuvee is really going at it?
Please Advise,
Not much foam, and there is some pulp on the top but it seems to be moist so I didn't push it down, seems to be going along well.
Still screaming right along. The foam seems to have dissipated but it is fermenting like crazy(alka seltzer like action), This is my 6th batch and have never seen it to that. I hope it's normal. It's also the first time I did the primary in a bucket. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I had it in a carboy, pitched the yeast and wade suggested I pour the whole thing into a bucket and this stuff took off within minutes. Thanks Wade.
All fermentations should be done in a bucket as it gives the yeast much more 02 in there to populate. Yeast will grow to about 1,000,000 times its original size colony if given the proper 02 and nutriemts and by doing this it thrives and is very healthy. this is why its normally done open with no lid on to get more 02. As it multiplies each cell splits into 2 and so on and so on so more nutrients is needed and more 02 is needed.
Should I crack the lid or just remove it, or just leave it? Seems to be doing great I'd hate to change anything. What do you think?
I have always been a believer in leaving things alone in the primary. So go watch the weather for a while or study this week's fruit sales in the local grocery stores. :p


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