Visited my local supplier today..

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Jun 22, 2009
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I've been dying to get some wine back to fermenting,,, times have been tough around here.
I needed some yeast and energizer so I made the trip to get it. The little mom and pop store is run by a husband and wife. He jokes she's the wino and he's the beero. I like them, seems they are so willing to help and even end up giving some freebies too. Today I got an extra,, a sample of their strawberry wine.
They have worked out all the paper work so they can now sell their wines. Took a year from what she told me and even needed a Lawyer to help occasionally.
My nearest supplier sells no wine ingredients (all beer) but they have a good amount of supplies. I was there today. New carboy, some new bungs, some campden tablets, a two gallon primary and a one gallon glass jug.

Gonna try some smaller batches.

Sad part is it takes me 50 minutes each way to get there.

They can however hook me up with anything from their distributor so I'll look into that.

No free samples however.
It's at least 45 minutes one way for me. The little town I live in is out in the eastern part of our county. 20 miles of busy two lane to get to the place were the road becomes 4 lanes.
Back in the 60's you drove the entire way before hitting a traffic light. Now there is about 20 traffic lights in the last 8 miles when getting to town.
The Strawberry I sampled was some they made to sell. They also sell kits and all the assorted needed supplies for wine and beer. And if you feel like trying your hand at distilling water, they have that equipment also.
Mine has 2 or 3 beers on tap created by them as they are reknowned around the US as beer makers and actually written 3 books for clone beers and they almost always have a few different wines and meads to taste on hand also. They usually have a few golden retrievers running around which thrills my kids and my wife so I dont have to hear all you done yet and can look around all I want.
The strawberry wine was nice, great red color and strawberry aroma. It had a nice alcohol content to it too. He also let me try a sample of something else they dabble in as a hobby. Quite a bit clearer.
I gave the keys to the wife and she drove from then on. :h
I always check the local shops before shopping online..... Props to 'Great Fermentations' on 65th street in Indy. Always helpful people there. They offer free tastes of what they've made in the classes they offer too!

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