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Nov 12, 2006
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Has anyone here been troubled by very low beginning S.G. in winexpert kits of late?

I have been using their kits for a couple of years now and they have always worked flawlessly. However, a couple of months ago I started a batch of Selection Original Symphony and it had the lowest beginning S.G. I had ever seen: 1.095, when it should be around 1.10 (checked against 2 hydrometers, just to be sure, amount of water was correct, and stirred a lot) I voiced my misgivings in an e-mail to the company and got the usual form letter back, about stirring, amount of water, incorrect hydrometer reading etc.)

I had serious doubts about this since the beginning, and in the end, the sg would get no lower than 1.0 when fermentation stopped dead. I took a small sample into my local dealer who thought that the fermentation was just going really slowly and give it more time. so, I did - a month. no change. stabilized, clarified and bottled, it was awful. and my dealer came good for it, and i will be getting another symphony to try. (Incidentally another selection original chianti type started at the same time was great)

However, tonight, I am starting a white merlot, and the SG is 1.08. I could not believe it, no matter how long i stirred, and checked against 2 hydrometers, (I even checked the calibration of the hydrometers in distilled water) and it gets no higher.

One kit.. yes, these things happen, but two so close together is almost unbelievable.

has this happened to anyone else lately?

I think that you are used to bigger reds as they should have the higher starting sg's. White wines and Rose's are not supposed to have those higher sg's and if they did would not b very good or balanced. I made a Symphony 2 years ago and it had a starting sg of 1.092 and it came out great. The White Merlot is a sweeter style kit and probably has the f-pac if I remember correctly. Notice in your instructions that the sg range says 1.080 -1.100 depending on the style of wine
Like what Wade said depending on the variety will relate to the gravity.
I made a all juice White Merlot and only got 1.100. Big reds are and will be higher. You don't want the alcohol "mask" the flavor.
Actually over the years, i have made more whites than reds and a blush or two.
As I look at my records, none of them have had SG's this low.
Tom, you had a White Merlot with an sg of 1.100, thats a little highdont you think unless it finishes not dry.
Yes i thought it was high. Something new my wine juice distributor got last year from CA.
I will not make it again. BUTT, was still drinkable, Just not my best wine.
I am just about 45 min south of you. If you want to see what and how I do "come on down" You will be impressed on what I do / have.
Thanks, Tom
but ia m a bit further than 45 minutes away from you. I live in New Brunswick, Canada

But thank you for the offer, none the less :)
Thanks, Tom
but ia m a bit further than 45 minutes away from you. I live in New Brunswick, Canada

But thank you for the offer, none the less :)
Here there is a Middletown right next to New Brunswick NJ .
Thats why I figured you were close. I'm guessing you are more like 12+hours..
Both of my WE kits had starting Sg's of 1.080. Both Vintner's Reserve kits (Pinot Noir and Riesling) and I assumed because of the price they would be thinner.
You are only talking about 1.5 brix and not even a half percent abv?? I'm sorta new, so am I not seeing the issue here?
Started the 2nd symphony kit today

and the SG was hardly any higher if it was higher at all.


there is a vast difference in the fragrance and taste of the juice. I have confidence that this one will turn out much better.

I must have just gotten a bad kit the first time around It happens occasionally.

I agree, white wines and most fruit wines will taste much better with less alc.

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