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Feb 23, 2009
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I've had this going for over a month now and just did the 3rd racking last night.. SG at 0.990 and this wine tastes incredible.. Probably the best Pinot I have tasted in a while.. Just right on the oak, has great nose and plenty of legs.. This one still a bit gassy, but it still has about 4 weeks to sit before the final racking and bottling step.. I have very high hopes for this!!

Light shining behind the Pinot... Lookin' good!!!

Where did you get the kit?
We got it off amazon.com... Back in February they had a 25% off homebrew/winemaking sale, so I ended up getting the kit for 75.00 delivered minus a 10.00 gift card I had.. Really wanted the Cab, but it is out of stock, so ended up getting this pinot.. I havn't found anywhere else online to get these..
I am not familire with this brand. Has anyone made it yet? I'd be interested in if this is available other than Amazon.
www.gemvintners.com sells them relabeled as their Micro Winery series.. They are a 68 brix concentrate of pure varietal juice.. Along with a certificate which is required when making that claim(so I'm told)..


This one is bottled, and I can tell it won't last long. It was great on bottling day, and is even better a week later.. Although Pinot's have never been a favorite of mine(I like heavier reds) I am very impressed with this one. SWMBO loves Pinot's and thinks this is the best one she has ever had..

I am really getting into this hobby, and everyone has loved the wines we have made so far which makes it more rewarding and even more addictive!!

US Elite Wines

We use their juice for the wine in our small on premise store and winery. The juice comes with declaration of grapes, and is TTB compiant (Meets tracability to confirm varietal content and origin). The wines comes out excellent. It wholesales from US Elite for $14.00-$16.00 per finished gallon of wine.(Add shipping). US elite only sells wholesale to resellers although they did sell some 6 gallon kits through costco snd sams a while back. The fella that paid $75.00 for a 6 Gallon got a good deal. We have 500-600 gallons of there wine going at any given time. They have just launched a series of fruit flavored grape wines.Their packing is 6 Gallon,18.4 gallon and 150 gallon.
The Zinfandel finishes like a $50.00 bottle of Bialle or Peju,it has great body,not to peppery and great tannins.
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Where are you located? I have yet to see that here in the NJ, PA area.
US Elite Wines


They are out of California. We are located in Sarasota FL. I will check with them and see who handles it in the PA area.
Do you have a website Lakewood, if so it would be ok with me for you to add it to your signature since you are contributing to our site. I do not on the other hand let people just plug their site and run.
Wade E
Yes I will add my website. This is a very well done forum, great topics and great answers. Although we are a small winery (Basic Permit and Bonded wine Liscense) we still work with a lot of customers and their wine making. As a supplier we feel the better the customers product finishes, the chances are better they will stay interested in a great hobby.