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Oct 26, 2008
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This is to funny. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. My Dads wine recipe is follows.

He tried this in the early eighties while we lived in the deep wilderness. NOTE: This can be made with food stamps and there are o chemicals involved.

I am posting this only for nostalgic purposes. Some of you may have read the post where I described my Dads attempt at beer making. Well, while looking through my recipe binder I came across this recipe. (They called my dad Twodog). Take a look.

2 gallons Treetop 100% Pure Apple Cider
1 pint bottle Karo Light Corn Syrup
1 package (1/4)oz Fleiscmans Active dry yeast

Remove 1 pint of cider from each jug.

Stir yeast into lukewarm water to dissolve.

In 2 quart saucepan, combine 1 pint cider with corn syrup and heat to lukewarm, remove from heat, cool slightly, and add yeast mixture.

Add one half of this mixture to each gallon jug of cider, add reserved cider to fill each bottle. Seal each bottle and sit in a cool spot(55-65 degrees) for 7 days.

Siphon wine into clean gallon jars, add 2 TBLS corn syrup, or sugar to each bottle, stir well.

Seal, store in cool place for at least 14 or more days.

Finally, siphon wine into clean storage bottles and store in a cool dark place.

WTF? Pop, it's a wonder you didn't get us sick, or blow us up.

I miss my Dad. I don't remember how this turned out, but I remember us drinking some of his homemade hooch and it always got us ....ed up.

I am just glad he never went so far as to try distilling, though I know some who were trying to get him to experiment.

Moral of the story: NONE

Just wanted to share.


(R.I.P. POP)

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I've been wondering what to do with that bottle of Karo that's been sitting on the shelf for so long.... jk :h :h :h
I remember on the farm my Dad tried 2 gallons of apple wine. He got 1 wine, 1 vinegar. He had little knowledge of how to make wine (at least I think so). He would love knowing today's knowledge.

To everyone whose parents are still with us, ask your questions now and enjoy life. You can't go back. Maybe Dad secretly inspired my wine making????
I know he did mine. He'd be proud. I have said from the begining. If you like to eat, learn how to cook. If you like to drink, learn how to make your own. And do both correctly.

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