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Particularly, since this is the second kit you have made, I would scale way back in the tweaks you are going to do. You really have no idea what you are starting with. I think the first time I made the kit, I would stick much closer to the way it was intended, maybe add extra oak and plan to backsweeten just a little bit. Then, next time maybe try two things out of the box. Who knows, you might like it just fine with less tweaks.
I'm pretty new to winemaking (first kit batch is in secondary right now) and this is really interesting but it's pretty hard to follow this entire thread without being able to apply it to practical application.

Here's my task: make a decent fuller-bodied higher-alcohol moscato that I'm happy to drink, but on the sweeter side to please my picky familymoscato.

What I have: a Wild Grapes moscato kit (Amazon) and the basic supplies (fermenter, hydrometer, airlocks, 6gal carboys, siphon)

What I am thinking:
Add 2C white raisins to the primary + tweak with honey to aim for 12-13% (Kit says 8.5...wahhh)
*I'd like to keep it a 6gal kit because I don't have all the supplies to handle less volume (how to eliminate headspace)*

After it's dry, rack to secondary per the kit instructions. I don't think the kit comes with backsweetener, so plan to taste and add that 7 days into secondary if needed. Then leave sit clearing for another 2 weeks and bottle.

My uncertainties:
Any issues with the above? Any better suggestions? Keeping in mind that I'm still a little fuzzy on the minutia that some of you have been discussing, is this adequate or am I setting myself up for disappointment?
Always remember your wine profile and taste characteristics before you start teaking then come up with a plan and work your plan don't be afraid of making mistakes because that's how you learn
Check out how to make an f pack they are fun to work with .
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Haha, well that's my plan based on what I'd like out of a moscato (at least for my first try). A little more depth, a little more alcohol.
I'd considered adding dried apricots or dried cranberries to highlight those flavors, but I'm not sure it will have the same effect as the white raisins?
Ever since we started this thread nobody can keep them in stock and others.
They can definitely play a part in this hobby
everyone loves red wine lets start there, follow the flow..


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second phase.....


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phase 3................


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Will start the 2nd Rose’ kit today, a bit of Grapefruit zest, some Lemon zest, a tablespoon of wine tannin, and if I can find any some ripe Strawberries. Joe suggested the Strawberries for my last batch, but couldn’t find any ripe ones. May have to wait for the summer before we get them. What is shipped in are like little red rocks and no flavor. The other Rose’ with just the Grapefruit zest and wine tannin is great. Should be excellent mid Spring after a few more months in the bottle.
that's why I have always stated the best time to make fpac is in the summer when the fruit is there for the making then freeze.
that's why I have always stated the best time to make fpac is in the summer when the fruit is there for the making then freeze.


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Will definitely freeze some Strawberries for a few fpacs this summer. Unfortunately for me, didn’t start the Rose’ until
Late November. Will set aside enough berries from the Jam making for the wine.
Defrost the strawberries and slightly warm , then put them directly into the primary remembering to save an fpac for the winter.Enjoy
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I tried a strawberry wine years ago when I made fruit wines and always had trouble with those tiny seeds and sediment, any suggestions on that, I dont have any filtering device, I think at one point I tried securing a coffee filter on the end of my siphon hose, that was fun!

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