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Feb 8, 2009
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Any ideas how to get wine to clear? Used sparkolloid to clear wine. Wine has completely fermented but doesn't want to clear even after 3 rackings. Added a bit more sparkolloid and doesn't seem to be helping. Could the addition of crushed grapes to the original brewing be the cause. Wine smells ok but is very dry. Is it still ok to drink?

Thanks for any/all ideas.:)
More info is really needed...What kind of wine/ when did you originally add the sparkaloid/when did you add the additional....the more info given the better chance for a solution
Is the sg stable? Did you degas and at what temp did you degas? You should not try and clear a wine that is not done fermenting as it wont clear so a few days with a stable sg will tell you if its done. If it was done then stablizing your wine was needed by adding k-meta and sorbate. After that degassing should have been done at a temp of around 74 degrees as that temp will let gas out well unlike cooler temps that will noy let the C02 disperse and make the wine keep the C02 in suspension. All this C02 will not let the clearing agent do its job becuase its is suspending it and everything else. Another thing we need to know is what kind of wine is this and did you add pectic enzyme?

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