Troubleshooting help needed with tropical fruit and concentrate grape wine

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May 22, 2009
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Hi guys
I used the suncal concentrated white grape juice instructions and added the fruit of 5 frozen bananas and 5 mangos (+ peptic enzyme to help with clearing and a little sugar). I did not use campden tablets on the fruit, however...

After racking to carboy (after 7 days in primary and still tasting fruity and sweet) initially the fermentation was still very active. However, today (day 5) it is slowing, so I tasted it and it is very bitter and has an off smell and is very cloudy. I don't have acid testing strips (yet), but it sure seems acidic....

Note: it has been very hot and humid here - > 90 degrees and I have been using a water bath + cover to keep the temperature down in the 75 - 80 range (which has worked with my other batches). Perhaps the fermentation went too fast? Perhaps I should have "fed" the sugar slowly over time?

Any ideas on action I make take at this point? Like racking to get it off the lees (in case it has built up too fast)?
I think it will be fine but sme wines just need more time to come around. There are ways to reduce the acidity but i wouldnt do so without checking the acidity to determine that it really needs it! What is the sg of the must right now? What yeast did you use as different yeast strains do have temp limits and some ferment a lot faster then others.

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