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Nov 12, 2009
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Help! I waited until my 5 gal of apple wine had stopped fermenting-added 1 campton per gal-1/2 teasp per gal Sorbate-waited one day, and then added about a cup and a half of cane sugar which had been made into syrup. I put the bottle back with an air lock, and it appears to be working itself up a little gas. Now what? Should I add more sorbate or just wait it out until the alcohol level kills it off. It was around 11% to begin with. I really want to get it in the bottles and on the shelf. HELP:re
Did you degas before adding campton and sorbate?
What the gravity reading?
SG was 992 It was very dry prior to sweetening. It appeared to have no gas before I added the campton and the sorbate.
If its that dry then degas now. The fiz is traped CO2
you DID add sulfites with the sorbate, yes? if not, add sulfites. you can't sorbate without sulfites or you risk a type of infection that'll leave a permanent 'geranium' smell in the wine.
They did add sulfites and sorbate as stated. Im guessing that the sulfites are releasing trapped C02 which can happen sometimes, especially if you didnt dissolve the sulfites in water 1st. like Tom said, degas it and check the sg now and then again in a few days to see if its fermenting again, if so let i go and then add more sorbate and sweeten again. Adding more now if its fermenting may give it an off flavr due to yeast stressing out.
I did add the campton tablets and the sorbate. I mixed them together in a glass of the wine and then addedd them to the bottle. Yesterday I tried degassing again. I really could not tell if there was gass excapeing or if my degassing was just making some big bubbles. I have only done this once before with a pear wine and that really foamed. I put a test bottle on the counter with a balloon on it. I also degassed that. I could see tiny little bubbles riseing in the liquid but thats all. Right now the balloon is not filling up, so maybe I am good to bottle.
As you mentioned I will check the SG. But if you are starting out with a SG of about 992, and then add sugar, what SG should I be looking for. Will the added sugar push it up?
Wade do you bottle as soon as you stobalize or do you give it a few weeks for so2 to gas off?

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