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Jan 29, 2010
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I am going to need to top off my WE Trio Blanca and the South African Shiraz. Finding a wine to top off the shiraz will be no problem, local wine store has plenty of South African shiraz. What should I use to top off the Trio Blanca? It is a blend of pinot blanc, chenin blanc, and sauvignon blanc. I thought maybe a bottle of one of the blends, but I did not want to upset the balance that already exists. Any suggestions?
What little topping may be required will not upset the bealance to a degree that you would notice it. Any of the the three you mentioned would be fine.
For all that i had to top off on mine ( trio )I just used water like they say .The red i can't say I didn't do it .
Actually to avoid topping off all together you can get a can of Private Preserve wine preserver from Wine Enthusiast company. Midwest home brewing sells it for 9.99 or you can try . It is made really to spray into open wine bottles before re-corking and they claim it will keep them from turning from oxidation from months to years. Midwest tells people to use this instead of topping off. The can feels empty but it contains enough for 120 uses. Cheers :b
I would just like to take a minute and state that I fall to sleep every night thumbing through The Wine Enthusiast catalog.

David, you have a problem. :wThanks for joining this support group We all admit to the same obsession. Not that we can cure your addiction, but we are very good at enabling you. :db
To answer your first question, I use sanitized marbles to top up my wines. I hate injecting other commercial wines into my own.

Also two Reidel rose' glasses for my mother-in-law. These are the glasses that they give a percentage of profits to breast cancer charity.

This sounds interesting. Will the link above take me to the Reidel glasses? In cannot open here at work.