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Jun 12, 2009
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I started a patch of pear wine first week of october.. Going to be moving an hr away.. Is it too early to bottle? its clear.. havent stablized yet but will next week, then f-pac a few days later or at bottling.. Any thoughts? I could transport to my parents house or leave at current place (live with friends now at a house my parents own) so???? What to do....
And is there a good way to make sure your wine is degassed properly? its only been racket once so far....
Do not sweeten and then bottle! Always give it a week after sweetening to make sure the wine doesnt start fermenting again. Sometimes the sorbate just doesnt cut it but that is a rare occasion but bottle bombs are a big mess that is not worth the chance, trust me. I made that mistake once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even with the shrink wraps on the bottles 3 of the bottles blew the corks right out blasting right through the shrink wrap and spraying wine on the ceiling, across the room on the wallsand other bottles and also making everything a sticky mess! I was lucky I caught that after only 3 bottles as there was 30 in all sitting there with corks pushing out and I was extremely lucky no bottles exploded. i think what saved me there was the fact I used the Burgudy bottles which in my opinion are stronger due to the tapered shape.
I hate to tell you but if you started a pear wine in october, than it is really unlikely that it is truely clear. I have a feeling you will need to rack it at least one more time.
Rack it again. After a few days look at the bottom of the carboy to see any sediment. My bet is probably it's still clearing.

Never rush. Be patient! I wait a month after I sweeten to bottle.
Wade, I fully understand the mess you had. I dropped a plastic 1 liter bottle of tonic water off the kitchen table that I just carried in from grocery shopping, That SOB blew and went all over the four walls and ceiling and even down a hall way. I couldn't believe the sticky mess (at least it wasn't red wine). :rn
Why not take it with you? Surround it with pillows...the jostling might act as a form of agitation to help in degassing.
we had this same issue when we moved. just had to find safe places to put them and get them to the next home. we had 4 or 5 of them. that and 500+ bottles. ain't fun, but we ain't leavin them either!

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