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Nov 15, 2016
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My wine kit directions state the first stage is 1-5 days, secondary is day 6-14, then stabilizing, degassing and clearing day 15-27. I understand these are suggested time periods and have been following my SG.

That said I noticed a steady trend that has now slowed. And I'm on day 11 but still in the primary fermentation stage. The wine is moscato, primary temp has been 70 degrees and SG is 1.020. Directions call for moving it to the carboy at between 1.010 and 1.020.

Is this normal? I'll wait another day if it's that important. And, lastly, I know the number of days is an average. But is it normal to be this far off their normals?
Is your primary a bucket or a carboy. I dont rack my wine to a secondary anymore. I use the cheaper kits that dont have a lot of sediment. I use a glass carboy and let it go until it finishes at 0.990. When it has finished I degass and then clear. After the wine has cleared i filter and rack the wine off to a clean carboy. Follow the sg readings when making the wine. I had a white wine kit that took longer because my basement got a little to cold and I had to use my heating belt.
With kits I've done I'm usually down to that SG range in 4-6 days so for me it would not be "normal". In your situation I'd rack to secondary and try to get the temp up to the middle seventies. I'd wait two weeks and then check my SG to see if I've gone to dry.

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