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Had to admit that I was feeling pretty good last Saturday night!

Now that it is Monday and being over any ill effects of a 3 day party, I can now talk about it in a lucid and clear manner.

The bride, Nadia, is the daughter I always wanted. She was born in Russia and adopted by my brother when she was 8 years old. When I first met her, she did not know a whole lot of English, so the first word I taught her was "Tickle". I also found out that "Disney" and "Aladdin" are words common to all languages. I shared a lot of great times with her.

The wedding started on Friday night with the rehearsal dinner. I started a family tradition a number of years ago of providing the wedding jeroboam. The bottle gets filled when I see an engagement ring, then gets served during the rehearsal dinner.

The dinner was held at an Elk's club. When I walked in with the bottle, eyes were popping out of there sockets!

When the dinner was winding down, all that was left was about a 1/2 pitcher of wine. It was easy to get that finished off. Turns out that the jeroboam was just the right amount!

Here is a pic with a normal 750ml bottle to show scale. The label turned out pretty well is I do say so.

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When I say she is the daughter I always wanted (or DIAW) I think I should explain why.

She is into wine!

My DIAW and her now husband (Ron) are always helping when it is time to bottle, crush, or press. They do not do this out of obligation. They simply ENJOY it!!!

Winemaking goes back in my family for at least 10 generations. It is my dream that at some point one of my nieces or nephews would take over the winemaking for the family and carry on with the tradition. I am no fortune-teller, but my bet is on the two of them.

But the one thing about the two of them, the one thing I enjoy the most, is the fact that they are FUN.

Want proof? Here are some pictures of their "Wedding Limo". This is what picked them up at the church and took them to the wedding reception.....




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What really made this special for me was the actual ceremony. DIAW had the last reading about the wedding at Cana. She surprised me with this. I had often said "Drinking and having a good time is not a sin. Why, Jesus's first miracle was to turn water into wine so that wedding guests can continue to party".

This was a nod to me.

But she was not done there. Later, during the sermon, the priest used a scene from the movie Aladdin to describe a point about trust. This was another nod to me. Aladdin was the very first movie we watched together.

To remember me like that on her most important day was incredible! Like I said, she is the DIAW!!!

Later, at the reception line, she smile to me and asked "what did you think about the readings and the sermon?". All I could say was that it was wonderful.
For the reception, I had provided 4 cases of wine. My brother came up with a really cool label (wish I thought enough to take a picture of it).

As party favors, DIAW gave out etched wine glasses (did I say she was into wine?).



.. so why did I say "Wine is life and family" in my first post?

This is something my Grandfather always said. It is also a toast I often make during family get-togethers. It was said a lot of times last Saturday.

Sorry for the number of posts here and how long winded I am being. It was one of the greatest weekends of my life.
Getting to provide the wine for in my case Daughther's wedding (and in your DIAW) is certainly one of the highlights of my winemaking adventure so far. I am hopeful, I will get to make it for the grandchildren as well, they are 5,3, and 2 so we have a few years to go.

Congrats on the nuptials and the nods to you in the service. I am sure it is a day you will always remember.
John I do believe that we need a few more posts from you about this day. We as a people don't speek enough from the heart and all of your posts were enjoyable. So keep chiming in. Oh and the Army rig that picked them up that is just COOL

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