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Nov 21, 2023
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Hi guys, I recently discovered about Mead online and got interested to it for the past few weeks.
I'm planning on making my first mead soon, which will be a pineapple, mango and acacia honey Mead.
I'll most likely be using EC-1118 yeast. I was wondering if I would need any other ingredients/components and secret mead maker tips in order to not mess up my first batch :)

P.S. : I already got the sanitizing agent as well to properly clean my gear before starting to cook.
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The big one you need is nutrient -- honey has nothing resembling yeast nutrient so you need to add it.

My notes of current and previous meads are here. It may help you to read through someone else's practical notes.
I like everything with a little tannin in it. For me that means doing a cyser with traditional tannic apples. In the US I can find apple syrup from traditional apples. Another favorite is cranberry juice.

Mead needs acid for shelf life which I can get from the fruit juice. As Bryan said YAN is low. Staggered nitrogen (TOSNA) works well. And I like organic nitrogen (Fermaid O).

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