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  1. tradowsk

    Leatherwood Honey Mead

    I'm looking at some options for a really special traditional mead, and I came across Tasmanian Leatherwood honey. Has anyone ever tried this honey or a mead made from it? The tasting notes are a bit odd, so I want to know if I'm gonna spend a lot of money to make something with too weird of a...
  2. tradowsk

    Adding flowers to wine

    I'm curious as to people's thoughts about whether to add dried flowers directly to the wine in primary/secondary or make a "tea" and add that. I have a 12% abv lingonberry mead just finishing primary now, and I want to add some hibiscus flowers (0.75oz based on a recipe called Aztec Blood I...
  3. StevenD55

    Topping off Mead

    What do you use to top off a carboy after racking your mead?