The importance of pecto-enzymes

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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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Every winemaking book describes the use of pecto-enzymes.

And of course I used it in all my fruit-wines.
But I never really SAW the advantage of using these enzymes.

So I conducted an experiment which I all urge you to do yourself.
It is also a great demonstration at a wine-makers or guild meeting.
it easily shows to all new-bies what the advantages are of a well conducted use of pecto enzymes.

Take a jar of apple sauce.
Look at the substance.
Now add some pecto enzymes
Shake well and put in a warm place.
Look again after a few hours.

You can find the pictures at my web-log:

Have fun,
Luc Volders
Thanks Luc. I use pectic enzyme in fruit wine (other than grape). I've been told it helps reduce or prevent a haze in the wine.