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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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Many years ago I published an article on my web-log that praised the versatility simple buckets could be used for.
At that time I promised to publish a simple DIY project for making a press with buckets.

Well here it is:


Documented with pictures and all.
It will cost you a few buckets which can be obtained free at the local snack-bar or bakery, and just some time.

Pressure is made with body weight, so no mechanical pressure.
Meaning that you will not get the last drop out of the pulp, however that is something you would like to avoid anyhow.

Not suitable for hard fruit like apples, unless they have been crushed and processed with pectic enzymes and have become all soft.
So suitable for soft fruit and flowers.

Have fun

Great article, I will have to think about trying this since I hope to have some fruit to press in the fall. I have all summer to find the buckets.
So simple and a Great idea! Good Job Luc. My fruit press is big so when I bring it out I'm making some wine!

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