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Jun 16, 2010
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started my suncal lambrusco kit on 6/3/10. tonight, before adding my new oak (french, med. toasted, thanks fvw!!!) spirals, i poured some in a wine glass and admired it. pretty color, good and clear, decent bouquet. it actually tasted pretty good, better than before i degassed it. i will try it again in a couple of oaky weeks;)
i hope so torch! i got my clearing agents in with the oak. i'm betting on needing them with the peach, but maybe not the blueberry!!
i'm fixing to get this blackberry going as soon as the oaking/last rack is done on this kit. i have a couple of other cans i got at a discount. not sure where to go after that...
i had four friends try this yesterday...
the non-drinker said it was okay, like church wine
the bourbon and beer drinker said it was okay, not bad at all
the rare wine cooler drinker said it was strong
the "dry-oaky" wine drinker said she loved it and wanted some for christmas when it was finished.
i guess my first kit is a success, lol
after 2+ weeks on the oak spirals, i tried a little sip. aroma is still great. i think it's a little tart:sh
will the oak help to tame this?

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