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Oct 21, 2009
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Hello all

I have started my first attempt at wine.

5 pounds of home grown small pears. chopped up in to 1/2 piece (destemed and cored) and hten frozed.

Follwed a recipe
1 gallon of water
2 pounds of sugar (just regular table sugar)
pectic enzyne, yeast nutrient camdem tablet (spelling ?)
boiled half toe water placed in bucket mixed all chemicals firsts then added the pears in a nylon bag and added the room temp water (1/2 gallon).
24 hours later mixed in wine yeast, 1 full package ( I know now I need to add it in wared water mixed first) temp been between 60 to 75 going to add a heating pad tongiht to keep the temp more steady.

Start SG 1.072 9% Alcoh.Content *(sugar reading
24 hours later SG 1.060 7.5 Alcoh COntent Stirred it to
48 hours later SG 1.055 6.75. Alcoh COntent Stirred it to

in the first 24 hours the yeast smell like bread cooking.
48 hours regualr bubbling in the air lock.

There was no bubbles / foaming. Is this normal?
Should I add more sugar?

Another question,,,, has any one used those power juicers like Jack Olain (?) offers for drink thats will seperate the pulp from the juice,,,,for making wine??

I hope I gave you all enough information, as well as the correct terms....

Looks ok so far.
Depending which yeast you use you may not see "bubbles" like in making beer. Yeast is working because the readings are going down.
When gravity gets to 1.020 pull the pulp bag. When it gies to 1.010 rack
If you are gonna spend $100 for a juicer get a "Steam Juicer" Check other threads on this.
I am no expert on the matter, as I too am new at wine making but definately hooked! Are you stirring it daily and keeping an eye on the SG? I am sure that some more experienced makers can offer up better suggestions....

I put up a 6 gallon batch of pear back in August and it worked hard for about 5-7 days and was pretty much by your recipe X 6. I can tell you that it will take longer to clear than grapes or kits. It has been nearly three months and I am no where near bottling.

Bottled my first batch ever, Concord, last night and maybe it was beginners luck but it turned out rather tasty. Had intentions of giving alot of it to friends but I think I will just have to share.......

Good Luck!

6 Gal. Pear
9 Gal. Scuppernong
Some yeasts cn foam like a rabid dog while others will just look calm and sizzle like a soda pop so no worries there. Everything looks kosher. I sometimes chooe a yeast according to how it will foam up. If I have a huge batch and donr want to plit up into 2 buckets I will sometimes choose the yeast for that reason only if it also fits the right characteristics also.

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