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angus padius

Jul 18, 2018
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Hello everyone, dear friends, last night I opened a special bottle, Sforzato Valtellina 2000, and 'a particular wine,the grapes are from Nebbiolo, during the harvest are collected the best grapes, are left to dry for about 4 months and then maceration is made.
It is not strictly a table wine, although it can be combined with many foods, he is a prince and wants to be tasted alone, it is a meditation wine at the end of a meal.

My assessment:
Color: slightly drained ruby
Smell: red fruit, cherry, red plum, delicate fragrance despite age.
Taste: in the mouth releases all its power, it is a velvety hand with claws, it remains in your mouth and does not go away anymore, if you can stop all over the tongue, you can feel endless sensations, that predominant are the spices, the wood does not feel despite many months in oak barrels.

My personal vote: 89

I hope I have enjoyed it

At the next bottle