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Dec 17, 2009
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I just finished my third racking of a five gallon batch of a Tangelo Key Lime Pasteur Champagne yeast summer table wine. It tastes fantastic, just of 22 pounds of Minneola Tangelo's and the Key Limes (along with 2oz of the zest of all the organic fruit skins.)

11% alc/vol. 0.70% total acidity. A bit foggy because of the need to reduce acidity with calcium carbonate, but not bad. I added both bentonite and gelatin finings to it before the first of the three rackings.

During each racking (maybe 11 days apart before it clarified) it looked nice and settled and clear throughout. I have yet to add sugar, as it is somewhat tasty quite dry. I have, however, added glycerine finishing formula.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Hi from Nevada I had the yeasty smell on my apple wine after a 3rd racking and some fog also I chose to filter it using a mini Vinjet . After bulk aging It was fine. I am very interested in champagne, and sparkling wines but Have not acquired the skill to make any. I am also having a very difficult time finding bottles. It has been suggested to use plastic screw top soda type bottles. do you have any suggestions?
an additional note I have some of the pepsi syrup kegs they say they are rated to 130 psi. I do not know how much pressure yeast can make before they die from the pressure. could I use them to make sparkling cider and champagne in? I would hate to have one explode but they do have pop off valves on them. What is the maximum pressure the fermentation process can produce?
Perhaps I am must being impatient and should let it age longer in the secondary fermenters. BTW I use Pasteur Champagne yeast by Red Star, they aren't sparkling wines. For that, I have a three part CO2 pressurized hand held carbonation device.
ThousandJulys, I would give it some more time, maybe sulfite it and give it a splash racking if needed.
Lloyd, those kegs are perfect for sparkling wine and you can carbonate in them naturally with yeast but to dispence the wine from there you are going to need a C02 tank to do that, you can also force carbonate the wine to make it sparkle and that will carbonate it much faster.

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