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Dec 26, 2014
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How do you folks do this? Can the just be placed into the carboys/demis instead of "suspending" them with fishing line? Does it even matter?

@Siwash I just drop them in, but they are a bit of a pain to remove. You have to fill the carboy with water and turn upside down so that the stave gets in the neck and slides out.
I like the string...too easy. Easy to remove when the oak is where you like it...pull it can rack or bottle when ever you ready, doesn't have to be right now.
I find if you cut the staves or break the spirals in half they come out of the carboy a lot easier. Roy

Oh that's an interesting idea... didnt think of that.


stated MLF and waiting for the oak to arrive from Morewine as i forgot to order a few weeks ago

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