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Sep 14, 2017
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Greetings guys. I'm new to the forum and new to the vineyard wine hobby. Right now I'm working on designing a setup in my backyard to get everything setup this fall for a spring planting (Las Vegas, NV area). I already have 25 muscat blanc plants reserved to be shipped this spring (25 was as small as I could order and I know I don't have that much room). I'm planning on tearing out some landscaping to put the vineyard in, but I'm looking for suggestions on spacing/trellis systems. I've read a few books and have a general idea of the normal planting specs, but I wanted to see if someone with a similar setup has any advice. I've attached a few pictures of the area I'm going to plant. My first thought was attempting to do about 3 rows of 5 plants. The area is 17x36. So that would give me 4 feet between rows (on both sides) and 6 feet between plants. I realize this is far below the suggested area so I wasn't sure if more plants with less production would be better than fewer plants with higher production... so if fewer is the answer.. then should I go with a geneva trellis style? Also, initially I'm going to trim the tree way back instead of just removing it, everything else in the back area behind the berm will be removed.



Nov 6, 2013
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My personal opinion is that 4 feet spacing between rows is not enough room for the grapevines and not enough room for you to be able to get in and attend to the vines. Working with the 17 foot side of your space, I would suggest you have 3 rows of vines which would allow you 5.5 ft from your outside dimensions and one row up the middle which would be 6 ft from your outside rows. 6 feet between vines on the rows would allow you 6 vines for the row for a total of 18 vines. Because of the tightness of this set up, I would suggest a VSP Trellis system.

Good luck with your project.



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May 9, 2017
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Badacsony wine region. Hungary
First of all, the entire spacing issue is a debatable topic. Forget what books say, especially for vinifera, and especially for Greek varities. Books are for US commercial growers. Muscat blanc is vinifera. All my vinifera plantings are at 1.5 meter rows, 1 meter between plants. Plenty of space to work. Spacing is a local issue, but too much spread is really a US ideology, which does not always work well especially in dry climates (i.e. Greece or Nevada) when one also irrigates. And use a vertical trellis (VSP). Quite frankly, I would would plant them against your wall around your existing landscaping. Leave the tree as it is. You will need to water in NV of course, so consider a drip irrigation. If your vines get enough water, they will be fine with close spacing.
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