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Jul 2, 2009
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I know this is off the wall and I haven't worked up a recioe yet,but what is the feedback on a sugar pear/orange wine?
Thats an interesting combination. I'm sure it would turn out fine. I would add some bananas or raisins to help build the body.
I would make them separatly and blend after finished and sampled in a bench trial.

Separate batches are a good idea.I'm starting a couple batches of peach and plum, as well right now,so I will have my hands full with 2 more,but I think mixing will be the way to go.Thanks Goodfellow....I wasn't thinking. Is there any other input?
I have made both pear and orange wines.

Both are very delicate.

I would indeed like suggested make the wines seperately and blend aftherwards.

Banana's for body are a great idea as they blend in well and there will be no banana flavor in the wine.

Raisins add flavor and body and beware they add colour if you use the dark ones. So use light raisins.

Raisins are sulphited so please rinse them well before using otherwise you might have a hard time getting the must to ferment.
Soak them overnight and they are easily chopped up. remember raisins are 50% sugar so adjust the recipe to the volume of raisins you will be adding.

You can find a omplete essay on raisins here:

Hope this helps.

Yes,I think I will use bananas.I've used raisins a few times,but never bananas.It will be another3-4 weeks before the pears are ready.I have 5 gal.of pear from last year and just wanted to try something a little different with the oranges this year.Thanks for the replies.