Stuck? No start SG so how can tell???

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Jun 15, 2009
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Can anyone help? I'm on my 3rd (and possibly final) attempt at making a wine. I have gone for a sweet Nettle Wine as per CJJ Berry's First Steps book. It was all looking good until 2 weeks after the first racking the fermentation has slowed then seemingly stopped - no more bubbles for about 5 days. The wine has just reached its second month birthday and according to CJJ I should have a couple of months to go. At the last racking the wine was tasting as if it was going in the right direction. Oh, one last thing I didn't have a hydrometer until a week ago so no starting SG.

Anyone able to rescue my wine making dreams? Please?
I bet all is fine, what is the sg right now. Fermentations may be much quicker or slower. Sometimes this depends on the yeast used as some will ferment more vigorously using a strong yeast starin instead of a easy slow going yeast strain. Even then some wines even using the same yeast strain will ferment much quicker then the next, its all in how good of a colony the yeast strain reproduces.
Finishing SG

I'll check back in tomorrow as haven't taken the SG yet. Many thanks for your help.
If it's 2 months old and just stopped bubbling I have to say it appears to me that it is all going good.
I took the SG reading this afternoon and it's showing 1.005. If it helps I put in 1.5 kilos of sugar.Many thanks for helping out on this one.
Check again in a few days to make sure the sg is stable, if it is then add sulfites and sorbate to make sure it doesnt start to ferment again later. If it drops at all leave it until it is stable for a few days in a row. Since we dont know what sg you started at or what yeast you used we can not determine what the abv is or if you exhauseted the yeast strain or if it just got stuck so make sure to add both of the items above or you could have popping corks or exploding bottles later.