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Papa b

Easy does it
Nov 16, 2009
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Ok, you guys Probably answer this a million times
3 1/2 days ago I started a Winexpert Chilean cabernet with a SG of 1.060 thinking that was low I went ahead and pitch the yeast anyway, next morning there was a lot of action, fermentation look under way, but yesterday which is 2 1/2 days after started, was no fermentation going on at all, today nothing so curiosity got the best of me again, i pull my hydrometer, couldn't resist ( I know, I know, Time out again) and the SG is 1.045, is fermentation stuck or I'm to damn to know the difference (Ok Ok Don't answer that)
Thank You in advance :?
BTW the merlot which started the same day is fermenting really, really good :)
Actually your doing the right thing by checking the sg. with your hydrometer. Just looking for the signs of fermentation isn't the right way to go. Check the sg. tomorrow and see what you have then and let us know if it isn't going down still for you.

2 other things I'm wondering about though. What is the starting sg. supposed to be for that kit. And did you do a real good job stirring things up before you pitched the yeast.
"Visual signs of fermentation are useless".

Your sg has dropped from 1.060 to 1.045 in 2 1/2 days. So it's not a stuck fermentation. Check it again in another couple of days.

Winexpert Chilean Cabernet...starting sg 1.060. That doesn't sound right. But there have been a number of posts lately for WE kits with a low starting sg. I really don't know what to say. When it's one person, you question the reading. When a handful of folks are getting low readings on a cross section of kits, I don't know what to say or think.

BTW, I assume that this is the Selection International kit. An expensive kit to have a starting sg that low.

I really hope this is not the expensive kit! You could have a leaky grommet that is letting the pressure out there instead of through the airlock or it could be the gasket under the lid. Like Racer said, check the gravity again tommorow to see if it is actually going down. If the temps are not in the mid 70's get them there and stir well to get everything going good. Regardless if the directions say to stir or not to, do it, stir it up every day and do so on every wine you make. I hope you kept the Date code on the box and if I were you Id call the supplier you bought this kit from and see what they say about this very low sg! If need be call Winexpert direct or email them(Linda) about this problem cause that is not a good sg for this style of wine, are you sure you added the correct amount of water? I always add water using my hydrometer and fill till I get a decent sg and if i hit the 6 gallon mark and its still has a high sg I stir some more as do I if I reach my sg and am way low on volume. Lots of times its just not mixed thoroughly even using a drill mounted stirrer.
the Sg should Be 1.080 to 1.100 and probably didn't stir enough
The kit its Selection international
the Lid wasnt tight enough, the temperature is about 72 on the sticky carboy thermometer
and once again did not stir enough , I'm going to do it right now
Thank You guys :m
BTW i got the date code from the box I'm calling tomorrow
Thanks Wade I appreciated

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