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Apr 10, 2007
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Greetings -

I've made home brewed beer in years past, though not recently; I am interested in getting started in home winemaking, just because I've enjoyed the process.

I am interested in starting small -- partly because I'm the only imbiber in our house, nor do we drink much wine when we eat out.

It appears most of the kit wines are designed for > 20 liters, though I've seen folks elsewhere post about using frozen concentrated juice from the supermarket to make small batches.

Are there any good guidelines out there for how to convert recipes -- especially relating to additives -- when one is making 4-12 liter (1-3 gallon) batches from juice concentrates?

Thanks - Richard / Allentown, PA USA
Go to Jack Kellers web site and look under the recipe section. He has one of the best recipe sections I've run across. If the recipe calls for a certain quantity of chemicals for a 5 gal batch just divide by 5 to get the amount per gal. Don't divide the yeast, one pkt is good for up to 5gal.

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