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stainless steel barrels

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Jul 7, 2008
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Used Barrels > For Sale > Food Grade Stainless Steel Barrel 55gal

Location: cincinnati, OH USA
Listing Date: 02/05/2010
Title: Food Grade Stainless Steel Barrel 55gal
Wine Type: Other
Oak Type: Mixed
Barrel Style: Mixed
Quantity: 4/brl
Price: $179/brl

Stainless Steel Barrels for sale. I have listed on e-bay for 189.00. Many customers are using them for wine so I looked up this site recommeded from a customer. Look on e-bay to see a sample of what I have. Not to many left but will sell outside of e-bay for 179.00 . Call john at 513-616-3369 for more information. Sorry I had to pick a choice of mixed would not let me put stainless. They are very clean inside. [email protected]
Contact Information:
Name: john janszen
Phone: 5136163369

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