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The Atomic Wine Maker
Apr 5, 2010
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Seattle, WA (US)
Ok, the first time i made milk wine i made the mistake of throwing the cheese out ) : so this time ive alterd the recipie in hopes of getting more of it and flavoured aswell... So what ive done is

chopped up a few jalapeno's per gallon ( they are very hot) and homegrown
added a small can of rotel.
Used buttermilk, condensed milk, and powderd milk and vegi juice mix in 1/5 1/4 1/3 1/5 ratios The rest of the headspace being filled with invert syrup

I used the slurry from my old milk wine which had been subjected to sorbate, and sulfite plus sitting in my closet for a couple months...

Starting gravity is... 15.5% and 16%

My main goal is to have some highly alcoholic cheese that taste good lol. This just might be the funnest thing sicne playing with fire.
:s :s :s :s
Did you proof your slurry at all? How do you know it's still good? Sounds like it's gonna be hot on both ends ;) I mean flavor and ABV, of course.
i know the slurry is still good because i had obvious signs of vigorous fermentation after only 15 mins lol ahah im mainly after the alcoholic cheese but if i have a drink too then all the better.
Good to know it's taking off. Let us know how it goes, I'm curious about the cheese too.
yup yup, i heard the cheese soaks up all kinds of alcohol so im game for it. I can tell you one thing, in my limited expeirence of wine making this is by FAR one of the most vigirous fermenters ive seen. I think that yeast LOVES milk lol.
Still fermenting strong.. at one point it was going so hard that it was lifting the screw on cap that i had placed on top of the "carboy" up enough to "burb" up and down. was kinda fun to watch lol.
hmm, fermented close to dry extremly quickly. Ive added enough sugar to raise the alcohol up to 20.5 percent if it ferments dry
ok it is now 18.5 percent alcohol and im about to step feed it.. haha wish me luck. 2 percent potential left as of now
Ok i added enough sugar to raise the potential to 12 percent. So if it ferments dry it would be 30 percent alcohol. But i highly doubt that will happen. Right now its sitting at around 18 percent. So lets seee how it goes.