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Oct 26, 2008
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This may be one of the best sites I have ever seen for photos of the Aurora Borealis, I don't know if there are any videos on here, but click on some of the underlined links. Imagine, these are dynamic, and they MOVE and CHANGE, and they move fast sometimes, blink your eye and the whole "display" has changed, and the sky is filled with something undescribable.

They were doing their "business" the other night, a reminder, it is winter here.

There is no was to describe this, I hope you all enjoy looking at some of these, and further wish that some day all of you will have a chance to see this in person.

Thousands of Japanese come here every year to see these. They tell me they(the Japanese) believe that concieving babies while the NLights are "jamming" makes smart offspring!!

All these years, I always thought it was the wolves howling!!!ROTFLMAO!

Take Care,

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My sister who lives in Northern Vermont can see them on "rare" occasions.
Troy, My wife went up there a few year's ago to see them and talked about how awesome they are. Her sister lived in North Pole and recently move to Fairbanks. I would love to come up some time and do a cruise and also see some wilderness. A buddy of mine took his dad up there this past summer and did the whale watch and got some awesome pictures of whales and some grizzly. I place I would love to visit...Live, I don't think so. :pic
Leanne, I wish someday you and everyone could see these. I have seen thousands of photos and videos of the Lights, and there is nothing like seeing them with peripheal vision(did I spell that right?LOL)

The worst part is it seems like the colder it gets, the more pronounced they are in the night sky. I always enjoyed fireworks as a kid, still do I guess. but we don't have fireworks here. It doesn't get dark here in the summer time, so we do them in the winter. But, the Aurora is really something magnificant.

Makes me wonder what some of the people from the North must have thought years ago when they seen them, before we actually knew what it was.

Leanne, if you come to see them, I'll let you use my favorite Parka, but please don't surprise me and show up un-announced like my Mom did last summer. At least give me warning so I can sober up!!LOL:slp

Same goes for the rest of you, except you'll have to bring your own Parka. LOL

With all your warnings I'm thinking it's a matter of the "state of dress" you are in? :a
I burned all my dresses to stay warm last winter, so you'll have to bring your own of those also!LOL
Well Wolf, truth is..when I built the closet in here I charged the owner full price and he doesn't know I actually had someone else build it that owed me a favor. Funny you mention the owner cause he was here about an hour ago and asked me why it seemed that that very closet seemed a lil flimsy.

Oh..the humanity! LOL
The Lights were one of my favorite things in Alaska. We get them down here on occasion. This shot always reminds me of the times I was up close and personal with them

Thats the stuff Paul. There IS NO WAY to even get an appreciation unless you see them. THEY MOVE, sometimes fast. Glad you were able see them first hand, thanks for posting that shot, thats a good one.

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