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Nov 29, 2009
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I am doing my first wine from scratch after doing 2 kits. I have posted before for help on this wine and finally got it racked over to the carboy for bulk aging 4 nights ago.

I backsweetened it before I started to bulk age it also, some say to do this and some have said not to. I went with the recipe and did it.

My concern is after 4 days there is a fine white ring around the top of the carboy, not in the wine but just above it and probably touching the top, like I said it is a fine white ring...nothing large, maybe the size of a lead out of a mechanical pencil.

The carboy is topped up to about 1-2 inches below the bung.

Is this normal or a sign of an early infection? It is Wade's chocolate strawberry port wine also if you are wondering the kind.

Thanks in advance...

Did you use campden tablets or powder on this, This is usually the results of campden tablets being used as they have fillers in them to hold them together and if not dissolved in hot water and broken down very good these fillers just stay afloat. If you are still worried add a little more sulfite.
I used potassium metabisulfite as the recipe called for. I will wait a few days and see I guess, it should continue to grow if it is a infection and move across the top correct?

If I do add more the pot meta stuff how much more should I add? I was thinking 1/4 tspn.

the only reason I can see for not sweetening up front and waiting till later is that you can over sweeten a little easier doing it early as wines will be peceived as sweeter later due to the flavors coming through better later. I really just hate waiting and having my wine all nice and clear only to cloud it upain with something later and even just a simple syrup has done it to me.
What size batch is thos, if 3 gallon 1/8 tsp would be enough, it also could be an oil of some sort which is no problem either.
I would guess its an air bubbles ring, nothing to worry about, it'll go away in a couple of weeks, taste an small sample if it smells good and taste normal you good to go. good luck!