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Dec 9, 2009
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Western New York
It's difficult to see the vines but these 2 Marquis grapes were planted 2 years ago. I would like to train them to grow on the trellis wires (4 strand) that are 7 foot above the ground. I have not done any prunning yet. Should I remove branches/runners at this point or continue to let them reach the wires? They did have 4 or 5 bunches of grapes last year that were excellent eating grapes.

Grapes 2 3 9 10.jpg

Grapes 5.jpg
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Were they mine, I'd trim and maintain a single stalk and then train the vines onto the wire.
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first year you let them bush up...keep them off the ground...this will establish the roots...second year prune to four or five good buds if winter was kind of severe....if not then you can go to 2-3 good buds....then take the best 1-2 shoots and train up your wire or post for that careful of wind early on during the second will snap the canes before they lignify

remember that your fruit comes from last yrs year in and year out prune leave a new cane each year for your fruiting area
Al, thanks for helping here. As you can see by my avatar I grow muscadines and was advising along those lines.
no problemo...i must say that i dont know much about muscadines but hear good things about them
second year prune to four or five good buds if winter was kind of severe....if not then you can go to 2-3 good buds....then take the best 1-2 shoots

It still sounds complicated, but then the instructions for pruning my raspberries did not make any sense until the vines grew and I saw what was happening.

I have read up on pruning grapes but really did not understand it. So let me see if I have this correct: Just keep 1 or 2 shoots or canes, prune both of them back to only 4 or 5 buds showing? Is tying the vines up from the wires to help support them ok? The canes not wanted just cut back to the trunk?
Larry, same for me. Three years ago I planted 5 vines on the far side of my new deck. I trimmed them back to let the trunk grow. It has thicked nicely and last year we got just a few grapes. They were delicioue. Hoping to get more this year as I let the vines grow.

Finally my 3 apple trees are starting to give some nice fruit.
I don't grasp the nuts and bolts of pruning grapes yet but I'll figure it out at some point. I have 3 apple trees also. I planted my Golden Delicious tree over 20 years ago and it is producing nice tasting apples but I am having a problem with Codling Moths that I am going to have to do battle with so I can have apples without worm holes. I am finding the best producer of fruit in my yard is my red raspberries. The row I planted 2 years ago gave me 15 pounds or so to freeze last year which went into my first 4 one gallon batches of wine this year. I have a row of blueberries that I have had for 4 years that are very disappointing and I am going to pull them out and make the row into raspberries also. I really like their wine making capabilities.
To Prune or not to Prune that is the question

I would attah a wire half way up spme where around the 3 ft mark, selecct your best cane and attach itto the middle line to train it vertical and remove the other canes. When it reaches the top cut to top off forcing lateral shoots to form. While you are pruning may I suggest that you takea 18in cutting with several nodes atleast three, cutting about 1 inch below the bottom node and place them in some water in a warm window and root you some more vines. I have rooted about thirty vines this year off my 4 vines.
Good Luck
A little help for the vinyard idiot here please. I read 2 or 3 more PDF's today that didn't help. Some say leave 2 or 3 buds when cutting the canes to form spurs. Some say it depends on the variety of grape. Nothing I search for has said if Marquis grapes are cane or spur pruned. The spurs are used to form lateral canes or fruit? I'm guessing I want to cut the canes back to the trunk just leaving 1 or 2 canes until it hits the 7' wires then cut the cane for laterals. Come on, don't make me teary eyed here folks, I really am trying to grasp the concept and I think I am almost there. Come on just a little more. :sm
Larry (aka the vineyard idiot) ((but willing to learn)) (((then I can put this thread to rest))) ((((and hopefully someone else can be guided by your wisdom in the far dark distant future))))
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I don't know if Marquis is supposed to be cane or spur pruned. Grapes bear fruit on one year old wood only. So from the growth you had last year buds on that part of the vine will be the ones that will have clusters grow on them this year for you. I hope this helps you a little for future years for you.

Since you are trying to establish the vines you need to cut back last years canes(shoots) to 2 buds if they 1. Didnt grow to the trellis wire you want your cordons to grow on AND 2. They also need to be the size of a # 2 pencil at that point also. If they didn't have good growth last year (which most new vines wont) prune back to 2 buds on 1 or 2 of the strongest and straightest shoots from last year. Make the cuts half way between buds so the bud you want doesnt dry out and die off.

If you need a picture let me know and I'll try and get one tomorrow for you.
i have not read the whole forgive f this has been said....try to shoot for a set of buds a few inches below the cordon wire....this way you can make a y shape versus a 90 degree cordon off of the trunk.....a y shape is stronger than a 90 degree joint.....and looks better as its true that this is not always possible...but something to shoot for
Here's a few pictures of a vine that didn't make it to pencil thickness last year. So I counted 2 buds up from the point were last years growth started from and pruned off the rest of the upper growth that was too small.
I took these pics this morning of my 2 vines. I put a piece of cardboard behind them so the vine could be seen better. The 2 pics with the red lines are where I think I should be pruning these until they get to the wires above? Just leaving each with 2 canes. Yes-no?
Last year I had a mildew problem in which the tips of the canes mildewed, turned black and died. Then a new shoot would continue heading upward. I am prepared to treat the mildew problem now.

Grapevine 1 3 25 10.jpg

Grapevine 3 25 10.jpg

Prune grapevine 1.JPG

Prune grapevine 2.JPG
From what your showing I'd agree with you and prune were you have it marked. The only question I'll ask though is the shoot on the right is it as big around as a pencil at the point were it meets up with your trellis wire? If not prune it back to 2 buds too.
is the shoot on the right is it as big around as a pencil at the point were it meets up with your trellis wire? If not prune it back to 2 buds too.

What happens or doesn't happen if the cane is smaller than a pencil? And won't trimming back to 2 buds take it almost back to the trunk? It seems at this rate the vine will never get to the wires.